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Detox, Drenaje & Alcalinización

Why should a detox be followed by drainage and alkalization (DDA)?

For optimal functioning of your body and your emunctories, it is important to do twice a year, in the off-season (between winter and spring and between summer and winter) a detox, a drainage and an alkalinization.

This allows you to drain and eliminate toxins from your body so that all your emunctories can be functional and without acidity.

1. Detox

It is often said that anything bitter is good for the liver such as artichokes, black radish, birch. But some people don't like bitterness. That's why I offer you this detox that you can find directly on the following link. Personally I tested it and I still feel its effectiveness 3 months later. TR90 JS,

link with 20% discount

The cure is 15 days (it is necessary to finish the box)

2. Drainage

It allows the dissolution of product and toxins. The draining organs are the kidneys, the skin and the intestine.

Decoctions of quackgrass root or dandelion root (lion's tooth), or in the form of a dietary supplement may suffice. They are diuretics. Combine this drainage with Chromium to support the pancreas (advice from Dr. Dupont).

To& do for 10 days.

3. Alkalinization

Citro-betaine (organic lemon and beetroot). It keeps the liver free of fat and regulates the acidity of your body. The supplement to take is based on organic lemon and beetroot, it is citro-betaine.

To be taken for 10 days.

I was inspired by Dr. Paul Dupont's Metamorphosis Podcast #289, which I recommend to you, as well as by my personal experience of this detox.


This is not a drug treatment, if you are on current drug treatment, ask your doctor for advice to check its compatibility with your treatment.

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with gallstones.

If you are in doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

Wishing you a good DDA

D. Hissung





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