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BBA Allergies, Intolerances, hypersensibilité Diane Hissung
Bye Bye Allergie Diane Hissung Courbevoie La Défense Saint Lazare


Say STOP to excessive physical reaction

BBA Bye Bye Allergies Diane Hissung

BBA helps your body better manage all the substances that you ingest or breathe in your daily life and end with excessives physicals reactions:


  • Physics

  • Physiological

  • Emotional


Hay fever, asthma, food intolerance, drug rejections, eczema, reaction to animal hair or dust, pain and digestive, hormonal, respiratory disorders, excessive physical reactions of all kinds and related diseases, stress, anxieties, weight problem, addiction, are neither defective nor inevitable.


BBA is an effective, natural, rational and safe way to overcome it.


What is that?


It is a natural technique for eliminating excessive physical reactions and sensitivities.


It was developed from the experience of Mr. and Mrs. Munsch, practitioners and trainers in natural health for 30 years.


It was developed from elements of many methods including Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Psychology, Acupuncture and Naturopathy.


Basic principle :


In an excessives physicals reactions that a person have, for their own reasons, their brain has perceived and registered a substance as a threat to their body. It then mobilizes the immune system against this "invasion" and becomes disorganized in this inappropriate intruder hunt. It is therefore a question of rectifying the imbalance of energies, cause of the pathology and of correcting this erroneous perception of the brain.


How it works?


BBA will allow this correction through energy meridians, it reprograms the body to give it lasting means to manage harmoniously these substances that previously put it in check, a bit like a "reprogramming" in computer science.


BBA tackles the cause of excessive physical reaction not just the symptoms.

Rhinites Diane Hissung BBA LA Défense

In practice:


To identify the substances that cause the excessive physical reaction,, the method uses a muscle tone test from Kinesiology, an extremely precise and non-invasive test.


The practitioner then works by acupressure, manual therapy using the principles of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, by stimulating specific points of the body.


The session will be followed by an eviction period of 25 hours in order to allow information to be conveyed on all the energy meridians and to allow the elimination of toxins linked to the treated allergen.

1 single session allows to definitively treat a substance or group of substances.


This method also makes it possible to detect psychological blockages at the origin or not of allergy (negative emotional memories, shocks, traumas…) and to resolve them.


Who is BBA for?


To all, babies, children, adults, animals.

Complementary to allopathy as to various natural medicines, this method does not interfere with any type of treatment whatsoever.


It does not replace any other treatment prescribed or / and recommended by your doctor.


Energetically, it does not use drugs and does not cause side effects or collateral health risks. It takes into account each person in its specificity and its globality, and aims to definitively eliminate the energy imbalances caused by various diseases and discomforts, by restoring its energy integrity.

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