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The baby


Childbirth can be the baby's first trauma. Even if it happened in good conditions, it can cause loss of mobility, especially in the skull and pelvis, which disrupts the development of the infant.


During the various stages of childbirth, the baby receives very strong pressures on his body and more particularly at the level of the skull. During a difficult delivery, it is necessary to use a suction cup, a spatula or a forceps. This trauma can cause a loss of mobility of the junctions of the bones of the skull, which can go as far as their overlap, and causing immediate or long-term functional disorders.


If you find the following signs, it is strongly advised to consult an osteopath:

- If obstetric instruments have been used

- In case of twin pregnancy / prematurity

- In case the cord is wrapped around the neck

- In the event of resuscitation, even slight

- If he has a congenital torticollis or scoliosis

- If he has a cranial asymmetry (plagiocephaly, brachiocephaly)

- If it arches back when you take it

- If he has gastroesophageal reflux, with difficulty feeding or swallowing

- In case of digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, colitis ...

- In case of sleep, behavior, restlessness, hyperactivity disorders

- If he has recurrent ENT disorders: ear infections, noisy breathing, chronic bronchitis

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Childhood and adolescence


Growth is a very important step. It is desirable to see the osteopath when the child's walking is acquired. Emotional patterns resulting from trauma, can be found when learning to walk and can disturb the child in his locomotor evolution. From childhood to adolescence, it is important that the osteopath works in collaboration with other health professionals such as the pediatrician, the dentist, the orthopedist, the speech therapist, the orthoptist, for the comfort of your child.


We strongly recommend that you consult an osteopath in the following situations:

- He has a disturbed sleep

- It alternates phases of excitement, anger or nervousness

- He has poor static (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis), postural disorder, deviation of the spine

- Feet or knees are incorrectly positioned

- Digestion is disturbed

- He has repeated ENT ailments

- Orthodontic follow-up

- Menstrual disturbances occur in adolescent girls

- He has bone pain due to growth

- He is anxious, stressed

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