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grossese ostéopathie suivi Diane Hissung Courbevoie


Fertility, pregnancy & postpartum

Fertilité et ostéopathie Diane Hissung La Défense Courbevoie Paris Saint Lazare

Before pregnancy


The osteopath can act on idiopathic fertility disorders and on conception difficulties. The osteopath intervenes on the mobility of the pelvis and viscera and on the good vascularization of the small pelvis so that the fetus can develop in good conditions .



During pregnancy


The osteopath can avoid or reduce certain unwanted effects of pregnancy, such as spinal pain, sciatica, nausea, reflux, functional disorders, anxiety.


The sessions can act on stress management, on improving respiratory functions and circulatory disorders, on the mobility of the pelvis, spine and visceral sphere. The harmony and balance of the pregnant woman will improve the comfort of the future baby. It is advisable to make at least two visits during pregnancy: the first, during the second trimester and the second, one month before term.

Suivi de grossesse ostéopathe Diane Hissung la Défense 92 Courbevoie

After childbirth


A postpartum consultation is also recommended two or three months after delivery in order to rebalance, if necessary, certain disturbed structures such as the coccyx, the pelvis and the perineum. The osteopath acts in the same way on episiotomy scars and on the after-effects of painful epidurals.


The osteopath's work is fully integrated into the monitoring of pregnancy by the medical team with the midwife, the gynecologist and the obstetrician.

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