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Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic method that allows a global approach to the body. It aims to diagnose the lack of mobility of the various structures of the human body which are in the form of discomfort or pain.


Do you have back and stomach pains and you don't know how to get rid of them?


To better understand why these pains settle, here are some explanations.


The body is regularly disturbed from birth. This can be due to physical trauma such as sprains, falls, operations, illnesses or mental trauma such as stress, death, assault. The body, which then seeks a new balance, will cause loss of mobility to compensate for what it has suffered. With time and the accumulation of mobility losses, the body can no longer adapt and the balance peculiar to each individual is upset, which causes the appearance of pain.


Common symptoms include sciatica, lumbago, stomach ache, headache, migraines, insomnia, digestive disorders, chronic colic, urinary tract infections, fatigue, joint and muscle pain.


The osteopath breaks the chain of adaptation that your body performs, which ensures better health.


It is advisable to do an annual prevention session, in order to release the loss of mobility that your body undergoes on a daily basis.

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The osteopath works on all body systems:

The musculoskeletal and locomotor system


- scoliosis

- the lumbagos

- torticollis

- osteoarthritis

- dental problems (often orthodontic problems)

- all spinal pain (except acute)

- after a fracture (after 3 or 4 weeks)

- tendonitis: tennis elbow, epicondylitis, thalalgia, pubalgia, periarthtritis

- sprains and their consequences

- joint pain

- contractures

- muscle tears


The neurological system


- compression of nerves from the spine (sciatica, cruralgia, intercostal pain, cervico-brachial neuralgia, Arnold neuralgia, facial neuralgia)

- often idiopathic headaches (of unknown causes)

- migraines


The digestive system


- colic

- hiatal hernias

- flatulence

- organ ptoses

- bloating

- gastric reflux

- constipation and diarrhea

- lipid digestion disorders ...


The cardiovascular system


- shortness of breath on exertion, side stitch

- circulatory disorders of the lower limbs

- venous congestion

- hemorrhoids


The ENT and pulmonary system


- rhinitis

- tinnitus (buzzing)

- sinusitis

- bronchitis

- ear infections

- asthma

- dizziness

- bronchiolitis


The oculomotor system


- ocular hypertension

- visual fatigue

- the blocked tear duct

- tensions of the oculomotor muscles


The urogenital system


- menstrual disturbances

- gynecological pain and dysfunction

- chronic cystitis

- incontinence

- pelvic gravity

- kidney ptosis (kidney descent)

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