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Allergies Intolérances Hypersensibilité Diane Hissung Courbevoie
LEAA méthode Hissung Diane Courbevoie LA Défense Saint Lazare


A few minutes to release emotions and excessives physicals reactions

Allergie pollens  graminées, rhume des foins LEAA Diane Hissung

The LEAA® method, created by Karine STOCK , allows you to quickly release emotions and physical reactions (food, cosmetics, wifi waves, etc.).


It is an energetic method combining sound therapy (Tibetan cymbals), aromatherapy, flower and mineral essences, the power of words and intention and yoga mudra.


The LEAA® method is completely natural, non-invasive and does not involve the use of drugs.


The LEAA method is not a substitute for medical treatment. The person following a LEAA® program undertakes to continue the treatments and recommendations of their doctor.

Intolérances LEAA Courbevoie Diane Hissung



Thanks to various energy tests accessible to all, it is possible to question the body (one's own or that of another person) to find out the blockages and understand their causes.


It could be:

  • emotional blockages (bereavement, accident, fear of water, not being up to par, loneliness, illness, etc.).

  • abnormal physical reactions after coming into contact with a food or substance (stomach ache, skin reactions, headache, fatigue, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, bloating etc).


Much of the physical reaction has an emotional origin. This is why the LEAA® method essentially focuses its work on the search for possible emotional causes before any release of physical reactions. It is not uncommon for a reaction to disappear immediately after releasing the emotion associated with it.


Energy tests with several hundred substances will be carried out to identify which ones create an abnormal reaction.


Here are some common examples that an emotional cause can cause:

Gastrointestinal problems:
reflux in the baby, weight gain problem, constipation or diarrhea, lack of appetite, disgust for food ...

Nervous problem:
nervousness, irritability, chronic fatigue, burn-out, sleep disturbances, migraines, intense crying, concentration problems ...

Skin problems:
chronic eczema, acne, psoriasis, warts

Problems located in the ENT sphere: hoarseness, chronic sore throat.


Respiratory problems: chronic cough, congestion or chronic runny nose.


The LEAA method gives very good results on fertility disorders.


It can be practiced in children from their intrauterine life, in adolescents, adults, and also in animals.

Migraines LEAA Saint Lazare Diane Hissung



The intestine, also called the second brain, governs part of our emotions and our health. If it is made up of an unbalanced flora, it can cause various reactions including excessives physicals reactions, stress, discomfort etc.


The health practitioner trained in the LEAA® method will be able to question the body and identify which food supplements allow a rebalancing of the intestinal flora.


Flower essences can also be recommended to work subtly on emotions.


Aromatherapy as well as a Tibetan energy method will also rebalance the body and circulate energy correctly for an optimal result.





The LEAA® method allows you to release an emotional block or an abnormal reaction to a substance (excessive physical reaction, intolerance) in about 10 minutes. It is an entirely natural and non-invasive energy method.


After identifying the causes and energetically rebalancing the organism (sound therapy), the practitioner invites the person to take the offending substance in his hand or to think about the event causing the negative emotion.


He will then place in the other hand floral and mineral elixirs specially created for this method. The practitioner will then carry out an energetic work on the person who very often will feel reactions (energy wave, hot / cold, crispness, crying, tremors, laughs, etc.) which disappear after a few minutes.


These reactions are linked to energy cleaning.


The practitioner will then check if the blockage is released. If so, he can release another block.


This method does not require eviction (unless advised by the doctor).


It is possible to release 5 to 8 blockages during the session.


The session takes place dressed. No massage or acupressure method is performed.


One of the specificities of the LEAA® method is to be able to release blockages in children from pregnancy, that is to say in the fetus, for example for blocking emotions about their birth (fear of being born).

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