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Back Pain

Here are some quick tips to relieve your back:

- a pull-up bar at home: I'm not asking to do pull-ups but just spine stretches by hanging from the bar. Today with telecommuting, office chairs are not the same as dining room chairs.

- take the time to find a comfortable chair (teleworking will continue).

- the necksaviour is a cushion that stretches the necks (if it is well positioned you can feel the stretch over all of your necks to see down to your lower back), you can come and test it in the office to see s 'it suits you.

Attention, there are some contraindications for this cushion (see on the site).

- for occasional back pain, here is a very simple technique available to everyone.

Put 2 soft tennis balls in a thin sock of pantyhose. Tie a knot at the end of it to keep the 2 balls as close as possible.

Lie on the ground, and put on either side of your spiny (the tip of your vertebra) the balls parallel to your back.

Then lie on it until you feel a relaxation in the contracted muscles.

To move the balls you can help yourself by bending your legs and lifting your pelvis.

This technique can only be used for the back muscles (12), not to do if hernias, inflammation, acute pain.

- the flower field mat, which I call the fakir mat, is really good for relaxing all muscle tension and blood circulation. Use it to relax your entire back or to help drain circulation in your legs.

- Psoas, certainly named emotional garbage muscle, but that I name mister lumbago. Following a sudden movement, chronic bad posture, carrying regular loads, this muscle recovers all the tensions. Take care of it by stretching it.

How to stretch it?

Make a front lunge, the front leg must be bent at 90 ° (no more under pain of hurting the knee). For the back leg (which stretches the muscle) which is in extension, then make a slight internal rotation of your foot. To be repeated by changing sides.

Take care of yourself.

Diane Hissung





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