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Complicated breastfeeding

You have complicated breastfeeding. You have cracks, engorgement, pain in your breasts while breastfeeding, and you have tried all breastfeeding positions. This is not normal! Breastfeeding shouldn't be painful, just like having your period shouldn't be.

Breastfeeding problems can come from stress that comes from your newborn baby. This can be due to a bad posture in utero, a complicated birth, but also to restrictive mouth brakes. This causes sucking problems because the tongue does not sit well on the palate. This bad swallowing can cause sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep, apnea), digestion (reflux, colic), allergies or intolerance (this can be caused by the constant opening of the mouth), nervousness , of a baby "hanging on the breast". This has repercussions on your baby, but on mothers who are tired or even exhausted. As the baby sucks badly, the result is an under stimulation of the mother's milk production because the breast is not emptied and decides to stop breastfeeding.

To better understand the physiology of the tongue, here are some diagrams:

- Tongue movement during normal breastfeeding (vague)

- Tongue movement when there is a brake

A tongue that works well, when baby cries, the tongue touches the palate, a tongue spread out and not heart-shaped or "snake" and that stays down.

Diane Hissung





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