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Comunication conected

Are you trying to understand why your child is suddenly not doing well? You have done everything and he does not calm down ...

This simple method allows you to have answers to better understand your baby, your pet.

I began the discovery of this method with the testimonies "your heart speaks to me and I learned to listen to it" that made me want to go further. The explanation of the method in the book "I have so much to say" is very simple and complete, it is very accessible.

For my part, I did a training course with Marie Fournier.

To use this method, we can use, rods, biotests.

After a few steps and if you have the agreement, you can ask closed questions (answer by yes or no) to your baby. Like, for example, if he has a need, questions, if there is something that he is having trouble digesting, something that is wrong with the nursery, etc ...

This will allow you to better understand your baby, and to be the fairest with his needs, to be able to listen to him and to see him as a whole Being.

For more information on the method:

Have a beautiful discovery

Diane Hissung





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