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Endometriosis and symbolics

I looked at some books and did a summary. Some things will speak to you and others less.

Symbolic of the uterus

Cervix represents sexuality

Body of the womb represents home, family

Endometriosis can be:

- Related to anger against her spouse who denies us the joy of being a mother.

- It can result from conflicts within the family or the nucleus. What takes away my joy?

- It reflects the fear that a child will turn our life upside down.

- It is possible that during our childhood, we were told (and repeated) that a child generates a lot of worries.

- Are we unconsciously afraid of losing a child or raising it alone (like our mother, aunt or grandmother)?

- If I come from a so-called "split" family, I may be afraid that the family that I am going to give to my child is not perfect and that it is not good enough. I cannot welcome him in my home properly.

- It can be felt as an unconscious refusal of motherhood.

- Is there the fear that the spouse will look elsewhere?

- Doubting her ability to be a good mother

- I prevent myself from achieving things, having difficulty focusing on my goals.

Become aware of the relationship between your doubts, your fears and your situation that you are going through.

Positive phrases you can repeat to yourself:

I agree to openly express what I feel. I assert myself as an individual. I don't let anyone abuse me anymore.

I respect myself as I am, I can flourish and let all my creativity express myself.


The great dictionary of metamedicine, Every symptom is a message from Claudia Rainville

The great dictionary of ailments and diseases by Jacques Martel

Biological Decoding of Diseases, The Encyclopedia of Symptoms-Emotions Correspondences By Christian Flèche





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