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How to relieve the belly of a pregnant woman with tape?

Why put on tape during pregnancy?

The tape is a tape that does not contain any medicinal agent. This band allows both to drain (in case of oedema), to maintain in case of muscle or ligament weakness, and to relax muscle tension. This is possible thanks to the tension exerted on the band.

During the last months of pregnancy, the belly begins to weigh and the skin is very stretched. The taping bands placed by a professional will allow you to relieve at least 50% of the tension you have in your stomach.

The advantage of the tex gold kinesio tape that I use in the office are the following:

- it is made of high quality cotton and is breathable

- its weaving is designed for better comfort

- she is hypoallergenic

- and latex-free

You can also consult an osteopath, midwife, acupuncturist, a doula during pregnancy... throughout the pregnancy.

Get accompanied gently and with kindness by therapists you trust.

Diane Hissung





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