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What is this method for?

It is a method from Chinese medicine that stimulates acupuncture meridians using a heat source. This technique is used when there is an imbalance of Yin (too much cold in the body or at a meridian level).

What is a meridian? I see it as an "electric wire" which goes from the foot to the head and where there are several "relay" points. There are several meridians that correspond to organs, and can have different trajectories. We can stimulate the liver for example by pressing an area between the big toe and the 2nd toe ...

Moxas can be used for any "cold" pain, digestive disorders, hot flashes, osteoarthritis, anxiety, tinnitus, bronchitis, constipation, muscle cramps, cystitis, insomnia, food poisoning, menstrual disorders ...

I look forward to helping you discover this method.

Diane Hissung




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