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Osens "Exist well"

Osens Disks

Many of you have already seen them at the office, it is a tool that is part of my daily life.

Useful for the protection against the waves of my telephone (adhesive discs), the invading emotions (medallion), as well as the release of "emotional overloads" or the recharge of water (large discs).

Recently, I have been using them for remote care. There are many applications: useful for the treatment of pets (cat, rabbit, dog, rodents, etc.) in the event of abnormal moods, bulimia, constipation, even plants.

But also for anyone with physical, physiological or emotional overload.

To find out more, I invite you to consult the site of Olivier Benoit, the creator of this great tool and accessible to all.

Diane Hissung





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