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Ours emotions

An emotion is a fairly high-intensity, transient emotional reaction caused by a stimulus from the environment. When it creates a significant disorder, the body reacts in a similar way to stress. Physical pain that is difficult to manage can then appear.

"Having your back full", "having a lump in my stomach", I get "bloated" are expressions that are often found and the bodily repercussions are numerous. In this context, consulting an osteopath, an acupuncturist, or a therapist can relieve the body. Following the practitioner's treatment, the physical pain threshold decreases and we feel better in our head. However, the mind remains to be processed.

The BBA method allows us to approach emotions without feeling the inconvenience linked to a traumatic event. This energetic method, through Chinese medicine and kinesiology techniques, allows us to target the emotion (s) that disrupt our daily life. For example, the phobia of public transport, the fear of separating a child from its mother. It allows you to better manage anger, fears and anxieties as well as to work on simple or complex addictions.

If you have any questions about this method, please write or call us!

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