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What is the rebozo? It is a scarf of Mexican origin woven by hand, which serves as a stole, a carrying scarf or to be able to massage different areas of the body. This method has been used for years in Mexico, particularly by Mexican midwives. It is thanks to Naoli Vinaver, a Mexican midwife, that these massage techniques are known throughout the world. She learned these techniques for several years from other midwives living in different parts of Mexico. What are the objectives of Rebozo? Unblock pain, contractures, but also energy blockages that remain at the cellular level. This can release childhood memories, traumatic episodes that can affect daily life or childbirth, for example. It also helps to release muscle tension, memories, emotions. It allows you to let go. This method allows via a restraint to feel safe, to have more self-confidence in everyday life or during childbirth. The Rebozo allows to: relieve lower back pain, release nervous tension, stretch the spine, release pelvic tension, release general stress provides emotional restraint have a better inking. You will have understood that everyone can receive a Rebozo session, young and old, man or woman. The Rebozo is specially adapted for pregnant women to manage emotional peaks. It is also recommended for postpartum to be able to find your body after pregnancy, let go of physical, physiological and emotional tensions. I would like to thank Olga Piñero my trainer who learned from Naoli Vinaver for training me. I can now offer you Rébozo sessions at the Courbevoie office. In the joy of sharing this method that is so close to my heart.

Diane Hissung





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