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Symptome post cov

Do you still have post-covid symptoms? For example :

. Fatigue or the impression of not recovering as before,

. Loss of smell, . loss of taste,

. Digestive problems or digestive sensitivity that you did not have before,

. Unexplained headaches,

. Cycle disturbances,

. Recurrences a few days or weeks later...

It is important to consult your osteopath so that he can rebalance your body and release tensions due to coughing or an internal disorder. It has been found that the virus tends to freeze the membranes of the skull (as if they were folding in on themselves to protect themselves from "intrusion"). It is therefore important to release these cranial tensions through craniosacral osteopathy. What to do to help your body after the covid? . Drink green clay to drain the body (preparation indicated on . Do a “Depurative” gemotherapy cure to drain the liver. Alternatively make a cure with bulbs of artichokes - black radish .Drain the kidneys with horsetail infusions. Attention: before starting the detoxification, check that you have no contraindications. You can also energetically release the traces of it with the Bye Bye Allergy method, LEAA method, energy session, acupuncture... Take good care of yourself,






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