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Tape, what's for?

The taping stimulates the lymphatic circulation while allowing to maintain a great freedom of movement. It increases the interstitial space by lifting the skin and creating convolutions on its surface. This helps to reduce the pressure and irritation of the subcutaneous mechanoreceptors.

The tape acts on muscle function. It relaxes or strengthens muscle fibers depending on the injury suffered during a trauma.

It reduces pain by inhibiting the pressure on local mechanoreceptors, like the effect of a suction cup.

The taping improves blood and lymphatic circulation helping to eliminate excess edema and post-traumatic hematoma. In a few days, on a bruise, where the band was placed, it will disappear. It then decreases the pain locally.

Finally, the tape balances ligament and muscle tension in a joint based on its physiology.

Who can apply the taping?

Only people who have followed approved training and whose main activity is based on knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body (paramedical professionals: physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc.).

Why ? Depending on the tension induced by the strip, its action is different. Poorly put, it can have the opposite effect from that sought.

When to apply a taping?

Preferably after the various linked structures are correctly

aligned, generally after an osteopathy session. The tape allows you to continue working on the targeted tissue.

That she band uses your osteopath?

Only Kinesio Taping tape, the best quality tape currently available on the market.

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