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Diane Hissung


Osteopathe Diane Hissung Courbevoie Paris

My career:


Graduated from the Institut Supérieur d'Ostéopathie de Paris in 2012 (course in 5 years), my final thesis proved the effectiveness of a cranial technique on athletes, in this case, a rugby team .


The support of the team also continued over the 5 years that followed, through my responsibility to provide first aid in the field and in parallel led me to perform Taping training.


My studies were then extended via several university degrees (DU).


First, a clinical and therapeutic DU Nutrition and Dietetics in Bichat (2013), then, made aware of the various blockages linked to childhood and birth (for the child as for the mother, moreover), is followed by a specialization in pediatric osteopathy with Osteo baby training and a DU Perinatal Psychopathology in order to better support the mother and child.


In continuity, I followed up with a DU Osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture in perinatality. My end-of-year dissertation also gave rise to the publication of a book Stress materno-fetal, expressions of his memoirs in osteopathy (name of the publisher).


In the years that followed, and faced with specific problems encountered by my patients, I also trained in the Bye Bye Allergies method (2016) for the treatment of allergies and intolerances, then in several so-called energy methods: Osens, Moxas , Reiki, LEAA Method.



Today I am happy to be able to offer different methods to support everyone in their entirety and in their particularity.



This would not have been possible without all the trainers, therapists, friends, family who have always accompanied and supported me.

Many thanks to them.

Diplomes Hissung Diane
Diane Hissung Stress materno-foetal

The impact of pregnant woman's stress on the fetus is too little known to the public.


In order to open this line of reflection, I drew on research and scientific documentation linked to my experience as an osteopath.


Do the mother's stress and emotions have an impact in utero? What traumas cause physiological disorders in the fetus? Are there factors favoring colic, GERD, torticollis or others.

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