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Dialogue with baby

Dialogue with baby is a method that allows you to talk and listen to what your baby needs to tell you.

It can be used as early as life in utero, like haptomonomy.

Between the 26th and 28th weeks of life the fetus can already hear the sounds of its mother's womb and between 5-6 months it hears sounds coming from outside.

The mother's emotions are closely linked to the fetus.

Here is an example, you just lost someone dear. Naturally, we will tend to close in on ourselves to protect ourselves from our emotions.

Baby can experience it in different ways: he can feel the bond with his mother decreasing and in order not to disturb Mum, the fetus decreases its movements (even if it means not moving any more).

Dialogue with baby allows baby to express himself so that baby can grow up in harmony with his mother. All maternal stress is transmitted to the baby and they need to express things because their experiences are not the same for the mother and the fetus.

After birth, this method allows you to better understand your child's needs. Here are a few examples: Is your baby sleeping badly? Does he have night terrors? Is he having trouble waking up? He refuses to eat? Since moving everything is more complicated? Has your child had bedwetting since the arrival of his brother or sister? Sibling disputes? Difficulties with a friend at the nursery? ...

To be able to question your baby, a biotest is used. We all have one. You just have to practice.

Thanks to Karine for this great training.

If you want to train as a parent, the training is available online.

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