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Pregnancy Bola

The Pregnancy Bola is inspired by a Mayan tradition, it emits a subtle and harmonious ringing tone.

Carrier of calm and serenity, it allows to create a link between the interior life in utero and the outside world by its ringing.

Its sweet melody allows you to connect with baby before birth, and will become a source of soothing after birth.

By the fourth month of pregnancy (26 weeks), baby's hearing develops, and he hears the subtle tinkling of the Bola sautoir. To communicate with baby, mothers-to-be can "blackmail" their jewelry by rolling it on their stomachs.

It can also allow the siblings to communicate with the fetus so that they can become aware of the future brother / sister.

This object is an original gift that it is possible to give to a future mother. Once the child is born, some mothers sew the bola inside their blanket or soft toy to reassure them.

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