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Endométriose (déf, aide phyto, huile essentielle et conception)

Endometriosis is the amalgamation of cells of the uterine lining on the outside of the wall. The uterine lining comes out of its sector and invades the urinary and digestive spheres, sometimes even at the respiratory level. This spread of endometriotic cells causes deep, violent pain and disrupts all affected areas. The first symptoms are sharp pain before the cycle, profuse bleeding and pain during intercourse.

Adhesions sometimes form between the uterus and the intestine and this increases the risk of infertility. Sometimes operations are necessary to remove adhesions.

The possible causes of endometriosis are: hormonal imbalances, menstruation crossed due to the use of tampons and IUDs, stress and immune disorders due to endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen. Exposure to phthalates, bisphenols A, organochlorine pesticides and dioxins.

  • Here are some herbs that can help with your endometriosis:

To balance hormones: chaste tree, ashwagandha (strengthens resistance to stress and rebalances hormones), Chinese angelica, wild yam, shatavari, peony, licorice, black cohosh.

To relieve pain: Obier viburnum, pulsative, black cohosh and passion flower;

Make massages based on sesame or castor oil with 2 drops of lavender, rosemary, rose, chamomile or ginger oil for 5ml (1 teaspoon);

To reduce abundant hemorrhages, astringent plants are: red trillium, yarrow, periwinkle, lady's mantle, agrimony, Chinese foxglove, rose;

Those that increase resistance to stress: Siberian ginseng, shatavari, oats, American skullcap, ashwagandha;

To decrease pelvic congestion and improve circulation: ginger, American bitter ash, motu kola, common hawthorn;

To help the breakdown and excretion of hormones: hepatic plants are useful: burdock, milk thistle, blessed thistle, dandelion.

  • Supplementing

in magnesium,

Vitamin B complexes

Lives. A, C and E (antioxidants)

Zinc and calcium


Evening primrose oil and fish oils


Digestive enzymes

Iodine in the form of kelp

Zinc: Allows a better synthesis of hormones and limits the increased production of estrogen. Acts on the proteins that regulate apoptosis (cell death) to reduce disturbances in immune function.

Manganese: acts on the proliferation of endometrial cells by reducing oxidative stress. Limits disturbances of immune function.

  • To give you the best possible chance to conceive:

Avoid: caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined and industrial foods

Do regular physical activity while listening to your body

Reduce stress to lower your level of cortisol (from the adrenal glands) which can cause anovulation

Clean the ground (liver and kidney cleansing cure)

Eat simple and unrefined things (confinement strongly encouraged us to redo the cooking)

Watch for allergies, parasites and systemic candidiasis

My patients have also praised the benefits of gemotherapy to me.

  • To massage with essential oils:

The analgesic, decongestant essential oil is Tarragon. For the irritation part and to reduce the inflammatory state and congestion, massage with chip balm (Copaifera officinales) on the lower abdomen and the entire abdomen (5 drops). Then on the area massage with 10 drops of Tarragon Essential Oil, massaging gently in a clockwise direction. Massage well from the ovaries to the pubis and on painful areas.

Repeat 6 times a day, start 10 days before your period. Do it the number of cycles necessary until the pain is reduced.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferation bottle of the Matrix

In a 30ml tinted glass bottle (with a dropper), put 3ml EO of bitter myrrh (is anti-inflammatory, soothes hormonal runaways), 3ml EO Frankincense (AI, re-harmonizes the neurovegetative system, desclerosing), 3ml EO of tarragon (neuromuscular antispasmodic and visceral and urogenital-genital analgesic)

30 drops HE is equivalent to 1ml.

Then fill the bottle with apricot kernel vegetable oil.

Apply 15 drops morning and evening on your stomach by massaging.

and sublingually 8 drops 3 times a day 5 days a week, until improvement.

Precautions: do tests beforehand on a portion of the skin to see if you do not have a reaction. The essential oils being very powerful, it is necessary to make tests beforehand.

Do not exceed 3 weeks of treatment.

In no case does this information from books and journals replace a medical diagnosis and in-depth follow-up with a specialist for your endometriosis!

You can find plants in an herbalist or some organic shops and EO in drugstores, prefer organic and "edible" EOs.

A dietary supplement has been shown to be effective in reducing pain. It is called Nutri Endo (information from Alternative Santé n ° 25 written on 1/6/2015

To be able to have a "pre-diagnosis" the Endoziwig site can help you

Bibliography: Health alternative n ° 25 "Endometriosis: pain is not inevitable"

Essential Woman, The guide to essential oils for women by Dr Aude Maillard

Endometriosis, Overcoming Pain and Infertility by Gisèle Frenette

the complete guide to phytotherapy by Anne Mcintyre

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